Níjar Monastery Guest House

Our Retreat Centre welcomes you in an atmosphere of natural beauty and harmony that breathes openness and peace. The harmonious atmosphere invites you to become silent on all levels of your being.

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Journal June 2023

Rain. After an early summer, the last weeks of May gave us heavenly waters. Last fall barely brought the usual rains so this is very welcome. Prices of olive oil

Journal May 2023

Nijar Monestary Guesthouse Usually around this time the rain saturates the Andalusian soil. This year however it seems that summer has decided to arrive earlier. Fortunately, we’re living in an

Journal April 2023

With temperatures well above the seasonal average life in the Andalusian Asharum could be worse. Trees are coming back to life, green is popping up everywhere, flowers start to appear

Journal March 2023

The shorter month of February passed quickly and the temperatures started rising mid-month giving us a feeling of spring. Although we had a few rainy days, we would like to