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Welcome to ‘The Garden of Nâm,’ where you can immerse yourself in an oasis of silence. A stay at our meditation and retreat centre will leave you with newfound sources of energy and deeper insights into yourself and your relationship with the world around you. A rejuvenating and revitalising experience!

Retreats and Visits

Whether you are looking for a meditation retreat to find peace, a workshop to learn new skills, or just a visit to our beautiful garden, you can choose how long you want to stay and enjoy our facilities. We offer flexible packages and personalized services to suit your needs and preferences. Come and join us for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
You deserve it! 😉

Nâm Retreat of Silence

A silence retreat that lasts 7 days and uses the specific tools of the tradition of Nâm to achieve a deeper level of harmony and wellbeing, as you explore and refine your inner world of experience in complete openness and freedom.

Patanjali Yoga Retreats

A Yoga Patanjali Retreat will inspire you to live with more awareness, compassion, and wisdom. You will also experience the benefits of meditation, pranayama, asana, and other techniques that will help you achieve a state of harmony and bliss. 

Regular Visits

You can visit the garden anytime you want and customize your staying, by choosing how long and what other facilities you want to use. The garden of nam is your home away from home, where you can relax and recharge your energy.


We offer a variety of workshops that aim to enhance your well-being and spiritual growth. You can explore Shamanism, a way of connecting with nature and the spirit world through rituals, ceremonies and healing. Or Qi Gong and others activites.

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