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Welcome to ‘The Garden of Nâm,’ where you can immerse yourself in an oasis of silence. A stay at our meditation and retreat centre will leave you with newfound sources of energy and deeper insights into yourself and your relationship with the world around you. A rejuvenating and revitalising experience!

Discover the Beauty

Imagine spending a few days, weeks, or even a month in a warm and harmonious haven, where you relish a delicious and healthy cuisine, explore peaceful gardens, and gaze at awe-inspiring mountain and distant see vistas. Here, you’ll follow a unique rhythm of meditation, dining, and activities designed to nurture your mental and physical well-being.

At The Garden of Nâm, you'll uncover a sense of profound calmness:

You’re invited to book a stay at ‘The Garden of Nâm’ and enjoy the daily rhythm.

The Power of Silence

Optimal living involves moments of silence and contemplation throughout the day. Sharing meals in silence enhances this experience, making your food taste and digest even better. We observe silence during various periods of the day.

Meditation & Silence Retreats

The retreats have a different intensity in focus, length and daily rhythm.

Nâm Silence Retreat

Embark on a transformative journey beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in complete silence by a unique rhythm of profound meditation practices, guided by Yoginâm and the Nâm monastics.

Nâm Meditation Retreat

Explore a rhythm of monastic meditations, HarpMood, and Garden walk meditations, providing a rare opportunity to deepen your practice, open to Awareness, and experience profound relaxation.

Nâm Serenity Retreat

Immerse yourself in the natural mystique of Andalusia and explore refined layers of resonance for enhanced well-being. Book your authentic retreat and experience the wonder of harmony in living.

Peaceful Holiday (Re)Treat

Experience true relaxation and quality of living in an oasis of stillness. We offer a menu of enriching activities, like meditation, Yoga, massage, and natural heritage excursions. Join us for a stay as per your preference.


Discover history at Almeria Alcazaba and the Cathedral, then immerse in nature at Huebro Well, Playas Genoveses, and the Tabernas Desert with our curated excursions.

Other Retreats

Patanjali Yoga Retreats

Rediscover balance, harmony, and joy through mindfulness, mantra recitation, and various meditation techniques. Join us to quieten the mind.


Designated workshops in a serene and tranquil environment to help you deepen specific skills and practises that cultivate healing and harmony in living.

Book Your Stay

Take refuge in a serene oasis in the heart of Andalusia. Unwind, meditate, and reconnect during atransformative stay in the Garden of Nâm Living.

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