Peaceful Holiday Re(Treat)

In Andalusia, Níjar

Taste the serenity of the Garden of Nâm Living. Choose to partake in meditation sessions as per your preference, or simply unwind and enjoy the ambiance. You can enrich your stay with Yoga, working in the garden, a relaxing massage and small excursions. Are you looking for an attractive alternative to finding distraction in entertainment and crowded commercial tourist areas? This peaceful holiday retreat might be something for you.

Take a real break and taste the comfort of stillness and beauty in the midst of an Andalusian oasis. The Garden of Nâm provides such a place; breathing the atmosphere of a simple meditative life around a Hermitage with 6000 m2 of flora and fauna and a variety of guestrooms that will provide a comfortable stay.

The excursions offer plenty of options for a historical, cultural and geographic adventure.  You can enjoy a relieving massage or a harmonizing Yoga class. A rhythm of meditations marks the day and you are welcome to join. Delicious vegetarian meals will be served and there is plenty of time to read. Enjoy a walk in the garden, the surrounding mountains, or into a historical village. Níjar is one of the five most beautiful and colorful pueblos of the province of Almeria, where life is still simple and authentic.

The Garden of Nâm Living is carried and inspired by the life and works of Yoginâm who lives in the hermitage next to the garden. Living the concentrated life of a hermit Yoginâm writes books and texts that support and guide seekers on their quest for wellbeing. Living Nâm is a way of remembering the natural essence from which all human potential sprouts.

In a semi-desert climate, the comfort and beauty of the sea or perhaps drinking cool and pure water from the mountains in Huebro will fill your memory with wonderful experiences to bring home and cherish. An optional menu of excursions without any touristic commercial embellishment awaits you when you feel the call to discover the unique surroundings of your stay.

The leading melody of the Garden of Nâm is just being there without having to do anything. An opportunity to truly unwind and relax. In an atmosphere of stillness the Garden speaks to you while you just sit there and enjoy a cup of tea. A place that many guests have described with a feeling of ´arriving home´.


Natural Excursions

Beautiful uncontaminated nature.

Natural Park Cabo the Gata

Playa Playazo, Playa Genoveses and Huebro's ancient water well.
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Cultural Excursions

Discover the magic history of Andalusia.


Cathedral and Alcazaba
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Desert Excursions

Experience the silence of the desert.

Desert Landscapes

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‘’While Spirit, Body, Mind and Soul unwind and immerge in the embrace of stillness and beauty, life freely breathes the remembrance of meaning and joy. Peace and wisdom quite naturally appear tangible within you.”

A Peaceful Holiday Retreat offers:

1. True relaxation​

Enjoy a peaceful and impactful break from the hectic pace of everyday life.

2. Quality of living

Elegant rooms, a kind staff, a beautiful garden and delicious and healthy meals.

3. A menu to enrich your stay​

Such as Yoga, massage, excursions, working in the garden, walking, reading, etc.

4. Regular meditations​

A peaceful pause from habitual programs and activities.

5. Inner exploration and creative focus

Staying in the Garden of Nâm Living is an opportunity to explore the inner landscape or dedicate yourself undisturbed to a creative process.


The Power of Silence

The Garden of Nam Living is carried by an atmosphere of silence and tranquillity throughout the day. We invite you to enjoy silence in between meditations and meals. Sharing silence during meals enhances this experience, making your food taste and digest even better.


Unique techniques, such as using a rattle or drum to influence brain frequency, guide into meditative states.

The Daily Rhythm

The Peaceful Holiday (Re)Treat is available year-round and can be booked for a period of 5 or 7 nights. If you wish to book an alternative duration, please contact us.

Arrival day

15.00   Check-in
16.00   Introduction
18.00   Meditation
19.00   Cena (supper with homemade bread and fresh dips)

Regular days

08.30 – 09.30   Desayuno (breakfast)
10.00 – 10.30    Meditation
14.00 – 14.30   Meditation
14.30 – 15.00   Comida (warm lunch)
18.00 – 18.30   Meditation
19.00 – 19.30  Cena (supper with homemade bread and fresh dips)

Excursions, Yoga, Massage, Garden work are available to be scheduled during mornings and afternoons.

Day of departure

08.30   Desayuno (breakfast)
10.00   Meditation
12.00   Check-out


There are a variety of rooms that offer different degrees of luxury. All rooms are simple and elegant in classical Andalusian style. The basic rooms have a bed, chair, desk, closet, sink and fountain. The more luxury rooms are larger and include a private shower and toilet. All rooms are comfortable, offer privacy and are connected to the beautiful gardens and terraces.

The Enchanting Garden and Walking Meditation

The Nâm Retreat & Meditation Centre is nestled in a splendid and spacious garden, consisting of 8 terraces on varying heights, all interconnected with stairways and meandering paths. This ecological and edible park boasts over 200 native and exotic trees, including olives, citrus, nuts, and banana trees, along with a rich variety of plants and flowers.

Enjoy a scenic walk with breathtaking views of the mountains and distant Mediterranean Sea. The garden harmonises with principles of permaculture, fostering a balance between nature’s voice and the human need for healthy sustenance.

An eyecatcher in the garden is a big triangle shaped staircase called the Triad of Being. This isn’t just a symbolic structure; it’s a potent instrument for contemplation and personal transformation. It is designed by Yoginâm as a vehicle for realising the true nature of being human. The Triad serves as a focal point during the Meditation Walk in the garden. For more information about The Triad of Being, click here.


Learn from our participants about their life enriching experiences during this retreat. Take a moment to read their stories and see how this retreat is truly special.

Peaceful Holidays (Re)Treats

The Peaceful Holiday (Re)Treat is available year-round. 
If you wish to book an alternative period or duration, please contact us.

More Information

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