In order to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings of the Garden of Nâm Living and experience soul-enriching activities together, we offer various excursions to splendid areas. These excursions can be booked optionally and will be scheduled upon availability.

The excursion starts right after the morning meditation at 10.30 and lasts until lunchtime at 14.30. Currently, they are open for up to four guests at a time. These small groups allow you to enjoy the experience optimally. Most excursions go to places within a maximum half-hour drive, leaving 2 ½ hours to enjoy the locations.

The following excursions can be made upon request and we are open for suggestions.

The indicative cost of each excursion is €25 per person.

Natural Excursions

Beautiful uncontaminated nature.

Natural Park Cabo the Gata

Playa Playazo, Playa Genoveses and Huebro's ancient water well.
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Cultural Excursions

Discover the magic history of Andalusia.


Cathedral and Alcazaba
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Desert Excursions

Experience the silence of the desert.

Desert Landscapes

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Natural Park Cabo the Gata, Playa los Genoveses


From the village San José leads a dirt road along bare mountains, brown to green fields, enormous agave and surprising vegetation to a moon shaped beach with fine white sands and clear blue water. The end of the beach is formed by a fossilised dune, due to erosion and winds.

The sea is fine for snorkelling, and if there is a stronger south eastern wind, bodyboarding is possible. One can stand in the sea for up to 100 metres from the coastline, which makes swimming comfortable for anyone. There are trees along the beach for shadow and when the weather is more like walking, there are plenty of possibilities.

Huebro's ancient water well


Nestled in the charming village of Huebro, lies a hidden gem—a captivating water well. The water well in Huebro is renowned for its pure quality and rich mineral content. This ancient well stands as a testament to the rich history and cultural heritage of the region. As you approach the well, you are greeted by its rustic charm and timeless elegance. The crystal-clear water reflects the azure skies above, creating a mesmerizing scene. Surrounding the well, you will find cobblestone pathways and lush vegetation. A visit to the water well in Huebro is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

Almeria, Cathedral


Almeria is one of the oldest cities in Andalusia and is beautifully located right by the sea. There is a fine old centre with some interesting buildings. After our arrival, we walk from the port into the old city, through the characteristic Rambla, surrounded by giant ficus trees, an old fountain, and decorative palm trees.

Within 10 minutes, we will reach the cathedral (from the year 1560). This cathedral was not built with high and lower side naves, like most cathedrals of that age, but more like a fortress with a flat roof. This was done to protect the town against attacks by hostile tribes and pirates. The lower building with thick walls was less vulnerable, and on the flat roof, one could place the canons.

We can visit one of the first convents in Europe, erected by the “Reina Catolica” Isabel in 1502. It is an interesting small building with some nice wall paintings, a chapel, and the nuns’ cells. (An entrance fee of 6 euros is not included in the price.)

When there is time, we will enjoy a mint tea in one of the Moroccan restaurants near the harbour before we start driving, along a nice coastal road, back to Níjar.

Almeria, Alcazaba


Another excursion in Almeria is a visit to the enormous Alcazaba, built by the Caliph of Córdoba in the year 900. Walls of 3 meters thick and 5 meters high, a palace, towers, rooms for guests, servants, soldiers, gardens, fountains, and more. Huge parts of this castle were destroyed in an earthquake in 1522, and until 1930, there were just these ruins.

Slowly, some renovations were started, and now these ruins and walls are really interesting to visit. There are also herb gardens and farm animals down the castle hill. It takes some climbing and quite a lot of walking, which will result in very nice views over Almeria and the Mediterranean Sea.

Desert landscape, Tabernas


It is easy to explore the surroundings from the Garden of Nâm by just climbing the mountain behind the hermitage and descending it on the other side. From there, you will find many miles of desert landscape, bare mountains, coloured rocks, and scarce vegetation. There are small paths everywhere, but walking is not easy, and it is better to be joined by someone with experience in the area. It is nice to try this some time.

To experience the desert, its silence and beauty, the vegetation, and the types of rocks, we may visit a local man who has already lived for 20 years in the desert near Tabernas and built himself a house without water or electricity that has a cactus garden, a garden with specific desert vegetation, and a wonderful meditation hall. We may stay for meditation, watch the gardens, and enjoy the environment.

We may continue this 90-minute round trip through nice desert landscapes, passing Tabernas and Lucainena, to drive the curving road through the mountains back to Níjar.

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