About us

We are an organisation inspired by the life and works of the mystic Yoginâm, who is also known as drs Frédéric Antonious, cultural sociologist and founder of Nâm Living. Yoginâm is author of many books, expressing the transcendental nature of human living. In this vision, it is essential for the human species to live in full Awareness, for its present and future to be harmonious and sustainable. For a human being to live in a state of Well-Being.

With Nâm Living the human transcendental nature itself becomes a practical handguide for living optimally in wellbeing and for sharing in the awe and wonder of all aspects of human living. The Nâm Foundation is a body that in a variety of ways carries out the objective of harvesting this work and to bring it to its fullest fruition in a global environment.

The fact that as human beings we are sharing in a deeper source and wider whole is the single binding essence for all. It is the single red thread that allows the human species to evolve as civilisation. Losing connection with this Red Thread, means losing our civilisation and our humanity, one of the risks inherent in the current era. In its infinite potential all cultures and eras have found their own unique expressions of bringing to life the transcendental nature of living. We need to recognise its common ground and find a universal language. This is what Nâm facilitates in its phenomenological acknowledgement of the transcendental nature of human living.

To further the work of Yoginâm, two organizations were established in the early 1990s. One is Nâm Society, an accredited non-profit organisation that aims to create places of beauty where people can stay for shorter or longer periods of time and orientate to a pro-life optimal way of living. This organisation has an official recognition as a charitable foundation (the so-called ANBI status in the Netherlands). The other organisation is Nâm Foundation which focuses on making the works of Yoginâm available through books, educational programs, music, lectures, retreats, podcasts, and the exploitation of the places of beauty.

At the advent of the 21 st Century, an antique characteristic building was purchased in the Belgian Ardennes. This has been completely restored and converted into a peaceful retreat centre aimed at facilitating meditation and contemplation. This centre is open to everyone who wishes to unwind and explore. For more information, please take a look at www.amonines.com.

In 2020, with the support of a group of enthusiastic sponsors, the Nâm Society purchased a large piece of land with a few old Spanish houses on it. This object was located exactly adjacent to the Hermitage which is the residence of Yoginâm. The old houses have been entirely rebuilt, and the premises have transformed into a tranquil and serene meditation retreat centre. The gardens have evolved into an edible park with symbolic images and meandering paths running through it. The centre is called ‘’The Garden of Nâm Living’’.

What is Nâm

Living optimally requires exploring and refining how and what you think, feel, desire and act. By pursuing to become beautiful and complete human beings we are creating a world of harmony, equality, respect and loving-kindness. This enables us to live in symbiosis with nature (in a Spinozian sense).

This attitude of affirmation and consistence of thinking, expressed in daily living is called Nâm. It is an attitude that breeds states of creative imagination, awe and wonder, and guidance in living. It elevates the human being from a creature living in a world of separation to a responsible creator focused on a pro-life and optimal course in living.

Nâm represents with a few concepts what all truly spiritual traditions aspire to. Nâm provides a skilful vocabulary with which the essence of a spiritual endeavour, and of human living as a whole, can develop and acquire meaning and ultimate purpose.

Life wants to live optimally
It shows you how to do so
You only need to listen