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Discover the transformative experience of The Garden of Nâm.
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The Garden of Nâm offers comfortable guest rooms, a spacious dining area, many terrasses and a meditation hall. Nestled on the edge of the Sierra Alhamahilla mountain range, this hidden gem is just a short walk from the authentic village of Nijar, with its rich tradition of culture and craftmanship reflecting the historic Arab influence on Andalucía.

Our accommodations include single and double guest rooms, some with in-room showers and toilets, and a general shower and toilet facility.

Open Year-Round

We welcome guests year-round, providing a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our ongoing rhythm offers meditations, moments of silence, enchanting walks and delicious, healthy meals, promoting an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity.

Accommodation Options

Our guest rooms are available at various price points, starting from €55 for a single room and €105 for an extra-large room with a private bathroom. These full-board prices include breakfast, warm lunch, supper and voluntary meditations. During the booking process you can customise your stay and opt for half board or breakfast only as well.

Delightful Cuisine

Much of our ingredients are sourced from our garden, ensuring freshness and quality. Our dedicated chefs craft a wide range of dishes, from Ayurvedic Indian vegan to Mediterranean cuisines. We cater to vegans, vegetarians, and occasionally offer dishes featuring sustainable wild catch fish.

The Enchanting Garden

Our meditation centre is nestled in a splendid and spacious garden, consisting of eight terraces on varying heights, all interconnected with stairways and meandering paths. This ecological and edible park boasts over 200 native trees, including olives, citrus, nuts, and banana trees, along with a variety of plants and flowers.

Enjoy a scenic walk with breathtaking views of the mountains and the distant Mediterranean Sea. The garden harmonises with principles of permaculture, fostering a balance between nature’s voice and the human need for healthy sustenance.

An eyecatcher in the garden is a big triangle shaped staircase called the Triad of Being. This isn’t just a symbolic structure; it’s a potent instrument for contemplation and personal transformation. It is designed by Yoginâm as a vehicle for realising the true nature of being human. The Triad serves as a focal point during the Meditation Walk in the garden. For more information about The Triad of Being, click here.

The Garden of Nâm is a place to take a break, meditate, relax, explore and rejuvenate, drawing vital energy from the serenity it offers.

Working in the Garden of Nâm

How easily we forget that living itself in all its aspects is something spiritual. The world we see around us is a reflection of what we are in ourselves. Our life is our creation. The Garden of Nâm represents an environment of human being listening and attuning to his nature. Nature, how it exists around him and his Nature as Soul.

There is a Secret Garden inside each and everyone. With each act, thought, emotion and drive, you are shaping this secret Garden.  It is your Garden, your environment – during living and in stages of post-living. Every instant of experience, you are shaping memory in Soul. This dimension of experience stretches beyond time and space. It reflects the permanence in which we share.

The Garden of Nâm shapes an environment that allows you to explore your creating nature. It provides tools for Optimal Living. It supports you to shape beneficial perception and behaviour to take optimal care of your garden of Soul. To tend the Garden, we need to weed out what is detrimental and plant what is beneficial and care for it.

With an open attitude and attentive behaviour, one can sense life’s guidance, paving the way for optimal living and well-being. Working in the Garden of Nâm makes you re-connect with nature, discovering how this resonates with your own ‘’Secret Garden’’.

The Garden of Nâm Living blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Al-Andalus, a land with a rich cultural, spiritual heritage. Discover the transformative power of aligning with the rhythms of life.

‘’Unwind, meditate and reconnect’’

Discover the transformative experience of The Garden of Nâm. Book your stay now and embark on a journey of discovery and tranquillity.