Patanjali Yoga

in Nìjar (Andalusia)

Find balance, harmony, joy and discover beauty around you
Practise mindfulness and increase body-awareness
Recite mantra’s to open and to express
Learn various meditation techniques
Surrender to ‘What-Is’
Attune in silence

Become One, Dance in One

Meaning and Practice of Yoga

The idea of ‘doing something’ dominates our lives. Standing still and allowing life to happen seems opposite to the tasks and necessities we daily encounter. However, the high level of stress and anxiety that colours our modern society indicates that ‘doing’ requires an attitude that is rooted in what we are. Without this affirmation we feel disconnected.

Yoga (Yoke) means connection. Life is not about a separate you doing something in a separate world. Life is about gradually opening up to the realisation that everything is sharing in One. And, that this ‘One’ is expressing itself through you. This realisation requires a way of living in which you are able to allow life itself to guide you towards its optimal state.


Practising yoga can bring the sensitivity and certainty needed for this and thus empower you to shape life accordingly. Yoga is a physical way to open to a meditative state. Silence, solitude and a calm environment support this, which is why, in addition to yoga practise and meditation, being in silence during a retreat is highly recommended.


Meditation means: doing nothing. During your stay it is possible to participate in the rhythm of three Asha meditations a day. In these meditations the actual period of silence is prepared with ancient shamanic techniques that are known to have a beneficial effect on calming the brain and bio-rhythm.

There are two forms of the Asha meditation. In the first one a regular rhythm is maintained with a rattle, followed by silence. Prior to this, you will be given an introduction and a rattle to join in if you wish. In the second form we use a drum to bring you into a meditative state. In this meditation, the drum is also followed by silence. During the drumming you will not participate actively, but only listen.

quiet down and connect in full attention

Yoga in combination with silence and meditation is a wonderful way to quieten down and to connect in full attention. It offers the opportunity to fully relax and experience a beneficial space in body and mind. If you long for inner peace and want to return with more clarity, this yoga retreat is for you.

The first yoga class is always the morning after the day of arrival in order for you to arrive in a calm manner. The program ends on the last day with the Asha Meditation at 10 am.


Patanjali Yoga is the original and complete Yoga. Patanjali Yoga consists of Raja Yoga (meditation) and Hatha Yoga (asana’s, shavasana, mantra, pranayama & tratak). Physical exercise, relaxation, emptying the mind, breathing and cleansing are all aspects of Yoga practise and part of the daily routine. 

During the Yoga events you are invited to be in silence and to explore what ‘being connected’ means. After arrival, checking-in and settling down there will be a clear and interactive introduction to the program.

The daily pattern of meditations:

07.30 Yoga ~ Asana’s, Pranayama & Shavasana
09.00 Breakfast
10.00 Asha Meditation ~ Rattle
11.00 Sewa ~ Kitchen, garden, cleaning
14.00 Asha Meditation ~ Rattle
14.30 Dinner
15.30 Siesta ~ Free time
16.30 Yoga ~ Mantra Chanting, Asana’s, Pranayama & Shavasana
18.00 Asha Meditation ~ Drum
19.00 Supper
20.00 Free Time

Note: There are 3 periods of practicing silence: from waking up till morning meditation (yoga lesson excluded), from 14:00 until end of dinner and from 18:00 till after supper.


The Garden of Nâm Living is a place of natural beauty and harmony. The environment breathes an openness and peace that invites you to become silent on all levels of your being. The guest rooms are designed in the traditional Andalusian style. The kitchen provides for 3 delicious meals a day (vegan/veg/fish) and the garden, rich with herbs, fruits and vegetables embraces its visitors in tranquillity and beauty.

3 Days

Yoga Experience

Introduction into yoga and all its aspects: 

You will accomplish the following:

5 Days

Yoga Intensive

Deepening the aspects of yoga (connection):

You will accomplish the following:

7 Days

Yoga Silence Retreat

Diving into the 8 fold Path and the aspects of yoga:

You will accomplish the following:

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