Nâm Silence Retreat

In Andalusia, Nìjar

Go way beyond your everyday reality. Embrace silence. This event is a transformative journey like no other. An advanced retreat that opens to Awareness and to deeper layers of who you are.

In a world saturated with constant stimulation, need for activity, and distraction, engaging moments of true peace and stillness is like drinking water from a pure and untouched well; a precious but rare necessity. A Nâm Silence retreat offers a concentrated opportunity to pause and reconnect with the essence of being.

Staying in the Garden of Nâm Living means unplugging in a safe and serene environment, surrounded by the beauty of the Andalusian landscape. You’ll be carried by the enlightening presence of the mystic Yoginam and participate in meditation 5 times a day in the company of Nâm monastics. The caretakers handle all practical needs so that you can embark on a 5-day journey of profound inward exploration without distraction; merged into silence, unravelling the otherwise hidden depths of your being.

Through the practice of meditation and recitation, the relentless chatter of thoughts will quiet down and as the noise subsides, you’ll discover the gentle rhythm of your breath; the rhythm that anchors to the present moment, the gateway to true liberation.

This retreat is a catalyst for lasting transformation, it is not a temporary escape, or ‘recharge’. The insights and practices you will cultivate will continue to resonate in your daily life; they will enrich your relationships, empower your decisions, and infuse every moment with a newfound sense of clarity, presence and purpose. Silence becomes your ally, like a second attention in daily circumstances, helping you tap into the peace and wisdom that is already within reach, melting away the daily challenges and stresses of life.

Benefits of attending the Nâm Retreat of Silence

1. Deepen your Meditation practice

A silent retreat offers a concentrated period of time solely dedicated to meditation. With minimal external distractions and a structured schedule, you can dive deeper into your practice, refine your techniques, and explore different meditation styles.

2. Inner exploration and self-analysis

Periods of Silence provide an opportunity to turn your attention inward and explore the inner landscape. Without the usual external chatter and distractions, you can observe thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behaviour more clearly. This self-reflection can lead to a greater understanding of yourself, your values, and your relationship with the world.

3. Stress reduction and relaxation​

Silent retreats offer a break from the hectic pace of everyday life. By temporarily disconnecting from technology, responsibilities, and social interactions, you create space for relaxation and stress reduction. The focused practice of meditation helps calm the mind,  and reduce anxiety, allowing you to experience a greater sense of peace and well-being.

4. Awareness and presence in daily life

Through the sustained practice of meditation, you will easier allow Awareness to filter through, not only during the retreat but also in your everyday life. The attitudes you cultivate during the retreat, such as Openness, Loving-Kindness and Respect can be integrated into your daily routines, relationships, and activities, enhancing your overall quality of life.

5. Mature into a Complete Human Being

Silent retreats are opportunities to open to the more subtle resonances of life. They provide a space for contemplation of life's deeper questions, and the cultivation of virtues such as patience, compassion, and equanimity.



Communication is suspended during the retreat, and digital devices are set aside. We encourage you to limit impulses and expressions, creating space for silence to take over.

Meditation and Recitation

During the silent days, our daily program, with regular meditations and meals, sets the stage for the unknowable to emerge. Our unique techniques, such as using a rattle to influence brain frequency, guide you into meditative states. Reciting from the book ‘Songs for Lovers’ invites a psychological process free from rational analysis.


A state of silence is more than simply not communicating. Even though one accepts to be quiet, the mind usually remains active. Besides that, all kinds of unseen habits and emotions can become clearer during a period of silence. In this psychological process, Yoginâm’s presence with HarpMood is helpful and supportive. The sounds in the HarpMood reflect the state of those present.

Making use of different moods in tuning the harp, Yoginâm guides the retreat in such a way that hidden barriers are invited to surface and disintegrate in silence. This is why a Nâm Retreat of Silence is often referred to as a challenge. A Nâm Retreat provides a safe environment for a transformative process.

Meditation Programme

The Nâm Advanced Retreat of Silence is a concentrated retreat, following a daily pattern of meditations each lasting for about half an hour. During meditation simple techniques are being used to calm down the brain activity and invite a state of inner silence.

Day 1 – Day of arrival

Day 2 – 6 – The 5-day silent meditation retreat

Day 7 – Day of departure

Each day of the retreat includes:

  • Two HarpMood meditations* (more about HarpMood here), guided by Yoginam using the Harp as an instrument that allows to share in deeper states of meditation and Attunement.

  • Three Meditations guided by the Monastics
  • Recitation guided by the Monastics
  • Daily meditation walk through the enchanting Garden of Nâm Living

The daily rhythm:

08.30 – 09.30  Breakfast
10.00 – 10.30   HarpMood Meditation
11.30 – 12.15    Monastic Attunement
13.30 – 14.15    Monastic Attunement
14.15 – 14.45    Vegan/Vegetarian Dinner
15.30 – 16.00    Monastic Recitation
17.30 – 18.00    HarpMood Meditation
18.15 – 19.00     Walking Meditation
19.00 – 19.30    Supper with homemade bread and fresh dips


There is a variety of rooms. All rooms are simple and elegant in classical Andalusian style. The basic rooms have a bed, a chair and table, a closet and sink and fountain. The more luxury rooms are larger and have a private shower and toilet.

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The Enchanting Garden and Walking Meditation

Our meditation centre is nestled in a splendid and spacious garden, consisting of eight terraces on varying heights, all interconnected with stairways and meandering paths. This ecological and edible park boasts over 200 native trees, including olives, citrus, nuts, and banana trees, along with a variety of plants and flowers.

Enjoy a scenic walk with breathtaking views of the mountains and the distant Mediterranean Sea. The garden harmonises with principles of permaculture, fostering a balance between nature’s voice and the human need for healthy sustenance.

An eyecatcher in the garden is a big triangle shaped staircase called the Triad of Being. This isn’t just a symbolic structure; it’s a potent instrument for contemplation and personal transformation. It is designed by Yoginâm as a vehicle for realising the true nature of being human. The Triad serves as a focal point during the Meditation Walk in the garden. For more information about The Triad of Being, click here.

For whom is this retreat?

  • This retreat is open to everyone. The retreat is called advanced based upon its intensity. All unnecessary decoration is left out in order to provide the authentic opportunity. Whether this is your first encounter with meditation, or you are more experienced, we invite you to join and dive deep into the Silence. The rhythm is set up in such a way that it will carry you through the barriers and habitual difficulties that prevent silence and true transformation from happening.
  • A Nâm Silence Retreat does not work with dogmas, truths, or systems that you will have to believe in. LivingNam is a purely practical, open and transparent psychological philosophy applicable by everyone, no matter what cultural background or religious orientation one is used to. Being rooted in Human Nature, Living Nâm is completely compatible with all pro-life ways of living.


Hear from our participants about their life-changing experiences during this retreat. Take a moment to read their stories and see how this retreat is truly special.

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