Nurturing the garden

Journal May 2022

This month we present all developments of Asharum Níjar and the garden through pictures. It rained a lot last month which makes the garden exceptionally green. Plants we have never seen before grow excessively. The pistachio trees seem to be giving birth to a boost of growth. We are very grateful for the rain as it made the land fertile, now it is up to us to help a rich soil survive a hot and dry Spanish summer…

Bamboo construction for climbing crops and potatoes
New pavilion and new balsa
Trees are professionaly protected from heavy winds

Last week, the workers started the construction of a new kitchen. Fortunately, a Nâm Retreat is about inner silence, as the workers immediately felt like making lots of noise, which is quite logical given that the old kitchen had to be demolished first…

New kitchen in progress

Several free workshops about agriculture and regenerating gardening will be held in the period from Wednesday 1st of June to Wednesday 8th of June at Asharum Níjar. You are most welcome to join this special occasion, to have the experience of Asharum Nijar combined with information about – and practice in – nature.

Invitation Garden Workshops

Dear Friends, We are delighted to inform you that we will host a couple of workshops about regenerating gardening and agriculture in the first week of June at Asharum Níjar in Spain.

Several workshops will be held in the period from Wednesday 1st of June to Wednesday 8th of June.

Our good friend and specialist Chris de Waard will be coming that week in order to share some of his profound knowledge in practice with the Asharum Nijar Team.

Since there are still a few guest rooms available during this period we like to offer you the opportunity to join this special occasion to have the experience of Asharum Nijar combined with information about – and practice in – nature.

The workshops will be held mainly in Dutch but there is also one day planned in English for possible participants from the direct neighbourhood. 

The main items of the workshop will be:

  • improvement of soil
  • composting, compost-tea, mulching
  • planting of trees
  • water and irrigation techniques
  • regeneration

There are no additional costs for the workshop. Only the regular room rates, including all meals. If you are interested to participate, please contact us soon by sending an email to

Availability is limited (only 4 guest rooms are available). Please, let us know how many nights you would like to stay at the Asharum. 

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