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The Monthly Journal

Journal September 2023

We frequently receive the question what the Monastery is and how it is connected to life in the Guesthouse. The Níjar Monastery Guesthouse aims to be a place where one can explore the nature of Silence in different intensities. That goes for its guests and also for its residents. Indeed we share in communal living

The Monthly Journal

Journal August 2023

The intense heat that overwhelmed us in the first half of July has tempered. Temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius feel comfortable and pleasant now, as these were the night temperatures during the first heat wave of this summer. The knee high grass growing throughout the garden has withered and turned golden brown and slowly the

The Monthly Journal

Journal July 2023

Summer has started and the memory of abundant rainfall has already vaporised by the heat of the Andalusian sun. The daily rhythm is easily adapted to hot and cooler moments of the day. The animal kingdom doesn’t seem to be bothered; birds fill the air with their beautiful chants and the humming of all kinds

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