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Journal July 2024

Living in the Garden of Nâm In this early summer edition Andree shares her impressions of living in the Garden of Nâm and invites you to come and have a taste yourself. As a resident she not only facilitates excursions,

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Journal June 2024

Living in the Garden of Nâm One of the unique characteristics of the Garden of Nâm is the fact that it lies close to the Hermitage of Yoginâm. There a way of living takes place that is continuously dressed in

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Journal May 2024

Garden of Nâm Living Spring has just started and the summer already announces itself. The Garden is bursting with life on all levels; flowers show up everywhere and insects like bees, ants and butterflies are now visibly performing their dance

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Journal April 2024

Garden of Nâm Living This edition is inspired by the landscaping work and contributions of Chris de Waard. Chris helped us from the very beginning to revive and shape what was once a dried-out and almost lost piece of land

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Journal March 2024

Living in the Garden of Nâm Starting with strong winds and a little bit of rain, February showed the first signs of a coming spring. In the evening and in the early fresh mornings the air is still cool and a

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Journal February 2024

Garden of Nâm Living Although astronomically spoken the new year had already started on the 21st of December, culturally seen a new year starts with the month of January. And it did so gently for us with just a little

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Journal January 2024

Prologue At the morning of writing and editing this journal a new construction worker arrived. He had heard of this place and was curious to see what our ‘iglesia’ looked like, as his Orthodox Romanian colleague put it. The man

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Journal December 2023

The Garden of Nâm Retreat Center At the moment of writing this newsletter the wood stove in the meditation room is finally being installed. Finally, because the colder days of the year, colder according to Andalusian understanding, have unmistakably arrived.

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Journal November 2023

The Garden of Nâm Living A column by Hubertus Bahorie Life is like a river that lives towards its dissolution in the sea. Frédéric Antonious In 2012 ´Ishmael´ was published, a novel by Frédéric Antonious also known as Yoginâm Abbahjí.

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Journal October 2023

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden) In this edition we would like to share the stay experience of Tess, the enterprising and well-traveled young lady, who came to us during August to catch her breath: Transformation in the Níjar Monastery Guesthouse

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