Nijar Monestary Guesthouse

Usually around this time the rain saturates the Andalusian soil. This year however it seems that summer has decided to arrive earlier. Fortunately, we’re living in an oasis with plenty of water. What a delicious season! While the sun embraces the blooming fruit trees during the day, the mornings and evenings are nice and cool. The promise of olives, oranges, pomegranates and passion fruits show that spring is once again working its magic. Also, the efforts of composting, mulching and sowing are visible in the richness of the ever-evolving landscape. Not only the garden has proven to be potent. April produced many more interesting fruits.

To begin with, the completely new and rewritten “SIWEB, dimensions of experience” has been published! A long desired and desirable gem for our current guests and for all who live here. It is nice to see the book appear in different hands and on different spots during the day, knowing that it is read by so many people at the same time. We participated in The Month of Philosophy by producing 4 broadcasts, studying its theme from a Nâm perspective. Furthermore, the Shrine is finally finished and provides a very beautiful place for Attunement and meditation. The acoustics, by the way, are wonderful! We had our first well visited and highly appreciated Shamanic Event and so started to give space to Causal Investigation activities. SIWEB investigations will follow in the near future! Two more somewhat larger and more luxurious guest rooms are in the making. The Andalusian style is maintained in the reformation of the former working place and meditation room. And last but not least, in the spirit of hospitality, the name ‘Asharum’ has changed into ‘Monastery Guesthouse’ which resonates a more open character for all kinds of future visitors.

After all these movements the Monastery Guesthouse remains in Silence for a week. Sometimes we hear the bell ringing from the Monastery that calls for Attunements and HarpMood, in between guests quietly flow their meditative rounds through the garden 5 times a day. A couple of Hopoes have returned to our garden and we’re delighted to see them again with their typical behaviour. The Nispero is abundantly bearing fruit. We are more and more getting used to eating along with what the season has to offer and daily enjoy freshly made Nisperojelly. Chameleons are roaming around the bananas quietly and a prayer-mantis decided to visit the kitchen, hunting for mosquitos. 

In all these happenings and experiences the Monastery Guesthouse intends to keep a place where the transcendent is allowed to filter through so that experience can be coloured by Awareness. Guests are finding out what that means just by being here for a while. Life certainly is more… than meets the eye!

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