Journal February 2024

Garden of Nâm Living

Although astronomically spoken the new year had already started on the 21st of December, culturally seen a new year starts with the month of January. And it did so gently for us with just a little fireworks in the distance on a very pleasant Monday morning. It happened almost unnoticed here in the Garden of Nâm Living. Retreating gets a tangible meaning when one realises that the regular patterns of everyday life here do not rule the experience of the day. Instead the same rhythm of meditations & meals applies, providing a calm atmosphere and a mindful way to take care of the Garden and its facilities. The sun rises and a new day lies ahead. A day in which life will take its course inviting you to join in its living. At the end of the day it doesn’t just matter what you have done, but the way you have done it has been shaping your day.

This openness towards life and the readiness to listen to its guidance creates a completely different feel than the identity centred way of living that most of us are used to. But that is only noticeable when one takes the opportunity to be in a completely different environment for a while. We know that from our own experience and we see that happening to our guests when they gradually unwind and relax in the present moment.

The flow of guests seems to resonate well with the developing elements of The Garden of Nâm Living. More and more people come here specifically to attune to Living by contributing to the shaping of the Garden. Participating in the daily tasks and chores opens new doors through which one can explore Asha. Yoginâm describes this ´Asha´ as ´the Face of Abbah´ or ´the Face of the Beloved´. Although it may sound religious, in fact it means a more personal way of relating to ´What-is´ as it is appearing in experience. Exploring Asha is simply exploring the way Life wants to live optimally.

We had a lot of old friends and family visitors this month. It was nice to welcome them and to see them enjoying the wonder of this place. A befriended filmmaker came to create a new serial of Talks with Yoginâm. His editing is almost ready and the episodes can be seen on NâmInside from next Wednesday onwards, in Asha…

In the meantime, the work on the pathways in the Garden is progressing and aiming to be ready around spring. Also, a wall is being built to support the new extension of the cactus garden. Two new rooms will provide designated spaces for group activities and occasional extra space for guests who don’t mind to sleep in a more sober and adventurous way. These facilities anticipate the extension of the needed capacity that comes with new activities.

Listening to life also means listening to the needs of guests. Guests that are not yet familiar to the concentrated Retreats of Silence. For many newcomers 5 days of silence is still unimaginable and way to intense. So, a new set of retreats has been designed. The first information is now appearing on our website!

To give you a taste:

1. Twice a year a light version of the Nâm Silence Retreat will be organised that includes only 2 days of monastic meditations. We decided to call this one: the Nâm Meditation Retreat.

2. Another 5-day experience includes 2 HarpMood days with one in the morning and one in the evening. This version will also be offered twice a year and is called: the Nâm Serenity Retreat.

Both retreats provide the possibility to be in the close presence of Yoginâm.

3. For people who are looking for an alternative for the regular tourist entertainment vacations and who seek a place where they can truly unwind there is an 8-day experience that includes excursions to places of nature and history and that can further be customised with Yoga classes and perhaps even a massage. We call this one the Nâm Holiday (Re)Treat. The daily rhythm of meditations and the possibility to work in the garden is maintained as option.

The Garden of Nâm Living steps into an interesting phase. A phase of completion and of new impulses. An increasing flow of guests and extended possibilities in our agenda characterise the new calendar year. We are happy to share that the Silence Retreats of February and April are almost completely booked; that the first Yoga events have taken place and are very well received, that a Shamanic retreat with Shaman Anna Montis is due in April with about 4 places still available and a QiGong retreat is repeated, also almost completely booked. All this means that more and more people, cultures and backgrounds will be meeting each other here in the Garden of Nâm, as in the old days in the houses of Wisdom of Al-Andalus: and they come here to the Garden of Nâm to find peace, to attune and to celebrate life. Or as the renewed website invokes: to Awaken Serenity, Embrace Life and to invite Wisdom.

Have a beautiful year!

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