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7 Days Yoga Silence Retreat April 2024

05 April


11 April 2024


Arrival day: Check in at 15 h, introduction 16:30, meditation 18 h, supper 19.00
Program: Five days
Departure day: Check out after morning Meditation at 11 h
Literature: Yoginâm, The Treatise of Wu Tse Wei
Introduction into Yoga and all its aspects:
  • Mantra Chanting (Gayatri Mantra and a second one)
  • Pranayama (Anulom Vilom, Kapala Bhati, Bhastrika and Angi Saar)
  • Asana’s (body postures)
  • Meditation and Relaxation (Shavasana)
You will accomplish the following:
  • Effortlessness and non-judgement
  • Explore attitudes and behaviour
  • Daily Self Analysis
  • Surrender



After arrival and settling down in your room and having a cup of tea, we give you a guided tour through the Garden of Nâm Living. Around 16:30 with the introduction, we will get to know each other more and tell our motivation of participating in this yoga retreat. Maybe you have questions you might want to ask. As a movement therapist, I strive for body-awareness to be created and remembering the inner smile. In a 7 day yoga retreat we dive into experience and the 4 fields of perception and becoming aware of the gates of perception. We dive deeper into knowing your own body, mind, intent and soul. How is judgement created. Do you judge yourself? What is the first thing you do when you wake up? How to practise surrender with a smile? We will all find out on this journey together.



Different accomodations are possible, with single and double rooms.
Available facilities:
    • Shared shower & toilet
    • Private Shower & shared toilet
    • Private bathroom
    • XL & private bathroom


Check out the 7-Day Experience details page here.



Cl. El Cerrillo, 7, 04100 Níjar, Almería, Spain

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5 April @ 08:00


11 April @ 17:00


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