Ritiro di meditazione Nâm

In Andalusia, Níjar

Go beyond everyday reality. Embrace silence. This event is an intensive transformative journey. A retreat that opens to Awareness and to a deeper and wider resonance of living.

In a world saturated with constant stimulation, need for activity, and distraction, engaging in moments of true peace and stillness is like drinking water from a pure and untouched well; a precious but rare necessity. A Nâm Meditation Retreat offers a concentrated opportunity to pause and reconnect with the essence of being.

Staying in the Garden of Nâm Living means unplugging in a safe and serene environment, surrounded by the beauty of the Andalusian landscape. After the day of your arrival you have a full day to unwind, relax and to get ready to enjoy the optimal benefits of the coming 2 days. In these two days you will join the intensive meditation rhythm of the Nâm monastics. During this brief but intensive journey of profound inward exploration you’ll be carried by the enlightening presence of the mystic Yoginâm. The caretakers handle all practical needs so that you can focus without distraction; exploring the otherwise hidden depths of your being.

Through the practice of meditation and recitation, the chatter of thoughts will quiet down and as the noise subsides, you’ll discover the gentle rhythm of your breath – the rhythm that anchors to the present moment and a gateway to true liberation.

Note: This retreat is a catalyst for attuning to a transcendental essence. It is not meant as a temporary escape, ‘recharge’ or therapy. However, the beneficial effects that are often longed for by the latter may certainly emerge during your stay or in the days, weeks and months that follow.

You will be introduced to practices and regain insights that provide a basis for a different resonance in daily life. One that may enrich your relationships, empower your decisions, and infuse every moment with a newfound sense of clarity, presence and purpose. You’ll be better able to remember that peace and wisdom are natural and always somehow within reach. Attuning opens the door that provides for alternative and more beneficial strategies in dealing with complex and sometimes demanding life situations.

A state of Attunement immersed in memory continuously exerts its impact in daily circumstances. It is like a love play with peace and wisdom that somehow miraculously appear within reach.

Benefici della partecipazione al Ritiro del Silenzio di Nâm

1. Approfondire la pratica della meditazione

An intensive retreat offers a concentrated yet brief period of time dedicated to explore states of meditation. With minimal external distractions and a structured schedule, you will experience the use of refined ancient techniques. 

2. Esplorazione interiore e autoanalisi

Periods of concentration and of silence provide an opportunity to turn your attention inward and explore the inner landscape. Without chatter and distractions, you can observe Spirit, Body, Mind and Soul as dimensions of experience more clearly. This improves a better understanding of yourself, your values, and your relationship with the world.

3. Riduzione dello stress e rilassamento

The Intensive Retreat offers a break from the hectic pace of everyday life. By temporarily disconnecting from regular daily burdens, you create space for relaxation and stress reduction. The focused practice of meditation calms the busy mind and reduces anxiety. This allows you to experience a greater sense of peace and well-being.

4. Consapevolezza e presenza nella vita quotidiana

During a sustained practice of meditation, brief and intense, you will take steps to allow Awareness to filter through. Attitudes you may discover, such as openness, loving-kindness and compassion have a beneficial influence on your routines, relationships, and activities; enhancing the quality of life.


Il silenzio

The intensive meditation retreat has a focus on silence throughout the day. As a general pattern, communication is suspended during the retreat, with digital devices set aside. The caretakers will facilitate this orientation. We encourage you to limit impulses and expressions, creating space for silence to take over.

Meditazione e recitazione

The daily rhythm with its silence, regular meditations and meals, sets the stage for the yet unknown to emerge. Unique techniques, such as using a rattle to influence brain frequency, guide you into meditative states. Reciting from the book ‘Songs for Lovers’ invites a psychological process free from rational analysis.


HarpMood is a unique meditation experience. A state of meditation is more than simply being silent. The mind tends to remain active. All kinds of unseen habits and emotions can become clearer through meditation. The presence of Yoginâm with HarpMood is helpful and supportive.

The sounds in the HarpMood reflect the state of those present. Making use of different moods in tuning the harp, Yoginâm guides the retreat days in such a way that hidden barriers are invited to surface and dissolve. A Nâm Meditation Retreat provides a safe environment to ignite a transformative process.

Programma di meditazione

During the Nâm Meditation Retreat each day you will follow a concentrated rhythm of monastic meditations. Each meditation lasts about  half an hour. Refined ancient techniques calm the brain activity and invite a state of inner silence. These techniques are simple and have a strong impact.

Giorno 1 - Giorno di arrivo

Day 2 – Relax and preparation day

Days 3 and 4 – Monastic meditation rhythm

Ogni giorno di ritiro comprende:

Il ritmo quotidiano:

08.30 – 09.30  Desayuno (breakfast)
10.00 – 10.30   HarpMood Meditation
11.30 – 12.15    Monastic Attunement
13.30 – 14.15    Monastic Attunement
14.15 – 14.45    Comida (vegan/vegetarian lunch)
15.30 – 16.00    Monastic Recitation
17.30 – 18.00    HarpMood
18.15 – 19.00     Walking Meditation
19.00 – 19.30    Cena (supper with fresh bread & dips)


There are a variety of rooms that offer different degrees of luxury. All rooms are simple and elegant in classical Andalusian style. The basic rooms have a bed, chair, desk, closet, sink and fountain. The more luxury rooms are larger and include a private shower and toilet. All rooms are comfortable, offer privacy and are connected to the beautiful gardens and terraces.

Il giardino incantato e la meditazione a piedi

Il nostro centro di meditazione è immerso in uno splendido e spazioso giardino, composto da otto terrazze ad altezze diverse, tutte collegate tra loro da scale e sentieri serpeggianti. Questo parco ecologico e commestibile vanta oltre 200 alberi autoctoni, tra cui ulivi, agrumi, noci e banani, oltre a una varietà di piante e fiori.

Godetevi una passeggiata panoramica con vista mozzafiato sulle montagne e sul lontano Mar Mediterraneo. Il giardino si armonizza con i principi della permacultura, favorendo l'equilibrio tra la voce della natura e il bisogno umano di un sano sostentamento.

Nel giardino spicca una grande scala a forma di triangolo chiamata Triade dell'Essere. Non si tratta solo di una struttura simbolica, ma di un potente strumento di contemplazione e trasformazione personale. È un veicolo per realizzare la vera natura dell'essere umano. Serve come punto focale della Passeggiata di Meditazione nel sereno giardino. Per maggiori informazioni sulla Triade dell'Essere, cliccate qui.

Per chi è questo ritiro?

  • This retreat is open to everyone. The retreat is intensive, based on its focus to delve deep into states of meditation without hesitation. All unnecessary decoration is left out in order to provide the authentic opportunity. Whether this is your first encounter with meditation, or you are more experienced, we invite you to join and explore. The rhythm is set up in such a way that it will carry you gently through habitual difficulties that prevent silence and true meditation.
  • A Nâm Meditation Retreat does not work with dogmas, truths, or systems that need believing. Nâm is a purely practical and open psychological approach that is applicable by everyone, no matter the cultural background or religious orientation one is used to. Being rooted in Human Nature, Nâm Living is completely compatible with all pro-life ways of living.


Learn from our participants about their life enriching experiences during this retreat. Take a moment to read their stories and see how this retreat is truly special.

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